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The “Why” of “Where”

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WHY Choose Geography?

Geography is much more than the location of places on a map. It’s a multifaceted discipline that bridges the social sciences, humanities and physical sciences in a study of place and space. It provides a holistic look at land, sea and air and the distribution of plant, animal and human life.


  • Learn the types of plate tectonic boundaries and their typical features, such as volcanoes and earthquakes
  • Understand basic areas of Earth Science
  • Explore earth phenomena such as energy, minerals, the environment, global warming, climate change, desertification, El Niño and water resource issues
  • Comprehend global political issues that occur between countries, cultures, regions and cities


An associate of science degree in geography can lead to employment opportunities in a wide range of professions that require computer, research and analytical skills. It is also the foundation for four-year college studies in geography or geology.

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